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What we want

We want to bring together open water swimmers, spread the joy of outdoor swimming, and alleviate the shortage of outdoor swimming possibilities, painfully made clear by Corona and the heatwaves.

We want to be allowed to enter the water wherever possible, at our own responsibility. That's why we strive for a change in legislation, because today open water swimming is prohibited nearly everywhere in Belgium. Whereas abroad, swimming is allowed almost anywhere, as long as there is no acute danger for anyone. That freedom is our goal.

How will we do this

Following the example set by the UK's Outdoor Swimming Society, we use our website and Facebook page to build a community of outdoor swimmers. They also inspired our mission statement. Swimmers, often solitary, are stronger as a group. Whatever type of open water swimmer you are, you get our support.

With like-minded individuals, clubs, societies, and federations, we promote tolerance for outdoor swimmers. Today, we have support from the Flemish Swimming Federation, Redfed, and Triathlon Flanders. We collect arguments in favour of a change of law. Fully aware that the road ahead is still long, it is our aim to be heard by relevant policymakers.


Open water swimming is like a drug, with great medicinal power and a big secret. So secret that Belgium forgot about it.

Who we are

Albert Baeckens, Ann Deceulaer, Dirk Lauwers, Sigrid Spruyt, and Guido Smit, enthusiastic Open Water Swimmers at the Deurnese IJsberen

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